Unedited, all of them. Forgot I had them. All my old friends from Humboldt

high-kiddo said: What about the apartments? Is there always some available? How much is rent?

It’s a college town so apartments and houses are always up for rent people are constantly coming and leaving and rent is not that bad here. You can look on Craigslist for arcata and look for places to rent and see how much they are. Hope I helped

high-kiddo said: How exactly is it there ? I knw its very beutiful but i wanna know like about the pot growing, apartments, jobs. Cause i want to live a diffeent life style. Me and my boyfriend.

Arcata is a town that’s all small businesses and everyone is pretty nice there’s not a whole lot to do unless you love the outdoors in that case there’s a bunch to do. I don’t know much about how good the job market it sorry but the pot industry up here is the best in all of California and is the best bud you will smoke. Easy to get and hard to get in trouble for unless you are moving p’s

high-kiddo said: is humboldt an entire commune??

It’s a town in Northern California haha I guess you could say that because it I kinda cut off from the rest of California